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Northern Grind now caters! That's right, we will bring our gourmet coffee, our professional barista experience, right to you in the form of a compact classy coffee cart! Perfect for anyone wanting to create a lively and energized atmosphere for their event! 


Gourmet Coffee

At Northern Grind, we have our very own espresso roast, customized just for us! Time and time again people fall in love with our unique blend. Rest assured that with the Northern Grind, your coffee will taste delicious!!


Professional Baristas

Our baristas have years of barista and coffee shop management experience. We know exactly how to make any drink you're requesting to absolute perfection. We do not take for granted the delicate process required to craft the perfect coffee, and we handcraft every drink to make sure it is delicious. 

1 hour up to 25 people


2 hours up to 75 people


3 hours 150 people


2 hours up to 50 people


3 hours 100 people


Other specific needs?

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